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SherlockML is a cutting edge data science platform. It provides the tools and infrastructure for data scientists to easily complete complex analyses and build sophisticated data models. It gives users the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively process and store large volumes of data, includes a large library of machine learning algorithms as well as data visualisation and reporting tools.

Companies that benefited from SherlockML

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We completed setup for our data analysis program in a few hours, which allowed us to focus immediately on data analysis without being slowed down by infrastructure overhead.

Boris Mangano,Data Scientist, MoveBubble

There is no other tool out there that is so intrinsically connected to the way data scientsts work today. SherlockML has been incredibly valuable for me and my team.

Richard Sargeant,Director of Data Transformation, ASI Data Science

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To enhance the power of the analysis, a large pool of existing open data can be seamlessly merged with proprietary data. Built using open source software, running in a secure cloud, it integrates easily and flexibly with existing infrastructure and data sources.

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