Quickly develop and deploy AI models in the cloud

SherlockML is used by organisations globally to accelerate their AI projects and has helped generate huge amounts of business value.

How SherlockML has added value

Powerful Compute

The muscle you need for your projects. Spin up secure and scalable servers in seconds and manage your computational resources on demand.

SherlockML in action

Fast Configuration

Your home for Data Science. Reduce the time spent on steps that don’t add value to your projects. Easily create servers running Jupyter, RStudio or Apache Zeppelin. Import from over 150 pre-installed open-source and proprietary libraries, customise the environment through the command line.

SherlockML in action

Secure Collaboration

Your shared workspace. A secure file system that allows you to share data, code and results with anyone you like. Control who sees what with team permissions.

SherlockML in action

Easy Deployment

Let your models shine. Publish version controlled reports or productionise with Dashboards, Apps and APIs.

SherlockML in action


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